Personal BLog

June 29th


To summarize everything that happened today, basically I spend like a whole afternoon to set up a new page, given that a lot of people had a page called shrines I thought it wasn't a bad idea to create one myself, its still wip given that I just got too tired to finish it today sdkaljdsjak.

Also I want to add to my home.html a new section to list some of the neocities websites that gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep going (yes, I'm talking about zoxies and arandomsite ;) ). But I'll do that tomorrow because I'm tired. And zoxies, if you read this, sorry if i hadn't answered you! my account its too new and I cannot post messages yet :<

btw if this looks too short its because i had to type it twice, my pc turned off out of nowhere while i was updating the blog :p


June 27th/28th

I forgot to add something here yesterday lul, in compensation i added a brand new page: Screencaps!. I have bunch of funny stuff that happens in my Tf2 sessions so I thought "why not have a page where to dump everything" so after a little bit of troubleshooting I managed to upload it. I'm also thinking to install some sort of shadowplay on my pc so if funny clips or a cool frag happens, I would be able to upload it there.

That's about everything with the page, the personal life part of this blog update its gonna be empty, not that much happened on the last days.

June 26th

Nothing really happened today, just a normal boring sunday. I couldn't play TF2 today though, for some reason my internet just decided to be shit today and most of the servers I usually play on had like 300 ping, I couldn't even airblas as pyro dude.

I miss going to school a little, not the homework part or the part where I couldn't get to sleep properly most of the days, I miss hanging out with my friends and not having dysphoric thoughts every 3 seconds, it's just all really tiredsome.

June 25th

Today was a really cool day! I went to my pre uni classes as I usually do on Saturdays, and this time there was a reall cute girl on the english class, but besides that I really didn't put much attention to her lol, I was more busy daydreaming. I also got to interact with the other students a little bit more, just couple words discussing over a question but hey, a progress is a progress. I got to see my brother again too, I haven't seen him in a little while so it was really nice.

On a little unrelated note, i bought an killstreak kit for a flare gun and today i almost got my first 10 killstreak on tf2! that was so exiting. I also made a demoknight player really mad lol

June 24th

Wheh, I thought making this site would take me longer, I mean probably it didn't take me that long because its farely simple, and it only has like 1 page, but I'm really happy with the result. For whoever reads this, Hi! I hope you like it!. Of course this is not the final version, a lot of things will be added in the future so this is just the barebones. But for now this is gonna be the end of it.